Project Life title page 2016


Idén kicsit változtatok a Project Life albumom designján. Marad a 12" forma heti 1 vagy 2 oldallal (ezt a napokban eldöntöm), viszont nagyobb teret kap majd a scrapbook. Továbbra is használok majd kártyákat, Core kitet és Value kiteket Becky Higginstől, de scrapbook papírokból is készülnek majd kártyák és sok kis apró díszítőelem kerül majd az oldalakra.

A bevezető oldal már kész. Every day edition kártyákat és Seven Paper papírokat használtam a Goldie kollekcióból. A jobb felső sarokban bevetettem a Fuse Toolomat, megtöltöttem flitterekkel a tasak felét. Még néhány matrica, chipboard és die cut került a kártyákra. Nagyon izgatott vagyok az idei PL album miatt, remélem kitart a lelkesedésem még sokáig. :-)


This year I will make a little change on the design of my Project Life album. The size will stay: 12" and one or two pages per a week (I have to decide these days), however my approach is to leave more room for scrapbooking. I will still use cards from Core kit and Value kits from Becky Higgins but I will create also from scrapbook papers. I plan to use small embellishments, stickers, die cuts, too. (Last year I didn't use at all.)

The title page has been completed. I used Every day edition and papers from Seven Paper Goldie collection. In the upper right corner I created a shaker pocket with Fuse Tool and filled it half with sequins. I added some stickers, die cuts, chipboards ... this is how came together. I am very excited about this year's PL album, I hope the enthusiasm lasts for a long time. :-):


  1. Very sweet and lovely! Have a happy scrappy 2016! Looking forward to seeing more of you Project life stories!

    1. Thanks Maria! Make sure to come back from time to time and check out my PL pages. :-)

  2. Oh my oh my! It's soooo lovely! And such a great powerful word - good luck with your one little word! I like your approach without an album only for it. I'm still deciding how to do mine!

  3. What a lovely title page. I like the colors and the shaker pocket.